The series of ZP—11 Pelvic Cavity inflammation treatment apparatus is the product of high technology aiming at the treatment and health protection of women’s Pelvic Cavity inflammation . It combines the advantages of electric treatment and heat treatment, The medicines are provided directly on the membrane in order to accelerate the absorbing process of the’ human body. Metabolism is promoted and the nutrition is improved, so the purpose of treatment is achieved .


This product is appropriate to vagina, pelvic cavity illnesses
Working Power Supply: AC220V士10% 50Hz 土2%
Working Temperature: 5℃ 一40 ℃
Working Frequency: 1K士10% Hz
Working Modes:Ten Modes (0—9)
Induction intensity: Twenty Grades Adjustable(0—19)
Temperature Control: Sixteen Grades Adjustable(0—15)
Timing function: 10—99 minutes
Method for control: Panel Control and remote control



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